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Quotes Hi Charles, It has been a moment. I first found you back in March of this year. I had used an different email address. I bought a wonderful Auralite-23 wand and a few other things more recently. The reason I am writing is I had a wonderful experience the other day. I just moved from New York to New Mexico. I kept the box that my wand was shipped in for safety of the wand. Well I unpacked it and was going to put the box away and felt it was too heavy. When I got the wand I was so excited I never gave the box another thought. Well I took all the wrapping out and in the bottom I found this little red velvet bag and inside was this amazing heart shaped Auralite-23 stone with a card stating that is had been found in 2015. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful piece. It is just the right gift for my move. Happy holidays to you. Regards. Quotes
Hi Charles

Quotes Dear Charles I must say that I had contact with a lot of dealers in my life and you are just the special one! Really! Patient, honest. Quick answers and professional!! So, it was my pleasure to do business with you and for sure I'll recommend you where ever it's will be needed. I'll let you know when I'll get the stone. Thank you. Quotes
Thank you...

Quotes Hi Charles, I have trouble signing up as a member so I thought I'd send a message. I wanted to thank you for the lovely Auralite-23 pendant I bought via Etsy and especially the accompanying raw Auralite-23 crystal. It has such a tremendous healing energy; I am amazed and moved! The pendant is lovely and also has a fantastic energy, more calm and soothing. I shall use the powerful little healer in my practice when I work with my past life regression clients. Thank you so much for bringing these precious gifts into the world! I couldn't help myself and ordered a larger raw Auralite-23 wand today as well :-) With love and gratitude from the Netherlands. Quotes
With Love & Gratitude

Quotes I absolutely love the pendant, the energy of the Auralite-23 is so soothing and lovely! And thank you so much for the accompanying little stone, its energy is amazingly strong and healing, and came exactly at the right time! Wendy Quotes
Love the pendant...

Quotes Thank you so much for the beautiful perfect red cap gift crystal for my daughter Coral! I can't wait to give it to her. This gift from you will bring a huge smile to her face. - You certainly did put a smile on both my daughters face as well as my own, and brought some much needed positive energy to us! I cannot thank you enough Charles, you have an amazing soul full of kindness and bring so much light into others lives. I am blessed to have met you (in spirit at least)! If it weren't for the magic of Auralite my life would be so different in many ways. Auralite has been like a best friend to me, and has brought me much happiness and help in times of need. I've always got at least one piece (or crystal) in my possession wherever I go! Quotes
Kept confidential
Hello Charles

Quotes My package arrived! For the past few hours, I have been admiring each and every piece you sent me. The generator is stunning! It has inclusions just how I wanted. The cabochon is more lovely in person. Seeing it up close, I can truly say the pictures did not do it justice. Is it just me or is the top half green?? All the pieces are special in their own unique way! The Auralite must have felt me admire it because I quickly bonded to these pieces....and my generator in particular. While holding them, a feeling of peace came over me. It felt warm and fuzzy like a good hug. Thank you for making it possible for this beautiful generator and all these treasures to be a part of my Crystal family. I had never had stones open up to me as fast as these did. What a great sign from the Universe! You know Charles, the more I look for and find signs, the more I really appreciate just how much we really are being actively and gently supported!! Quotes
Satisfied customer...

Quotes Dear Charles, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exquisite Treasures You sent, and especially Thank You for ?Your generosity for the wonderful Gift? Pebbles, they are All, radiating such dream-like serenity, that I honestly do not wish to do other, then just sit quietly among Them in sweet reverie... Blessings. Quotes

Quotes Charles, once again your generosity has far exceeded my expectations!!! The Auralite-23 stone which you included with the pyramids is stunning and is a wonderful addition to my altar. It is greatly appreciated and will be included regularly in my earthly lightwork ceremonies. Many thanks again, I will cherish it tremendously! Blessings and light, Jennifer. Quotes
Blessing and light

Quotes You are too kind! I thought the wand was too big to be a gift and pressumed it was mistakenly put with my order! Your kindness knows no bounds and you are a true light worker! And yes, you are right, they are miraculous and divine crystals! I am most grateful for your gift and wish you well with your mission of spreading love and light across the world! The postage fee for the two pyramids is fine and I eagerly await them both! With much gratitude and blessings Charles Quotes
Oh my goodness Charles,

Quotes Hallo Charles, entschuldigen Sie bitte, dass ich auf deutsch schreibe, vielleicht finden Sie jemanden, der ihnen den Text übersetzt. Ihr Auralit gibt mir im Moment unendlichen Trost in meiner Trauer, mein Mann ist am Montag im Alter von 64 Jahren ganz plötzlich von einer Sekunde auf die andere gestorben. Einfach so, dann war er nicht mehr. Ich halte mich am Auralit fest und danke Ihnen von Herzen für das slice. Es begleitet mich ständig und gibt mir Kraft, um durchzuhalten und weiter zu machen. THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Please apologize that I am writing in German. Maybe you find someone who can translate the text for you. At the moment, your auralite offers perennial consolation in my grief. On Monday, from one moment to the next, my husband passed away suddenly, at the age of 64. Just like that, and he was gone. I am holding on to your auralite and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the slice. It is my constant companion and provides me with strength to keep on going. Quotes
Martina Rathjen-Sprenger
Letter received in German
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