Auralite-23 Crystals, Finished Products And Other Gemstones

Onyx (Black)

(SP) self-assertion; (S) boosts self-confidence and sense of responsibility; (M) improves rational thinking, logic, control and power of reasoning; (B) sharpens sense of hearing, helps with diseases of the inner ear, and improves functions of the nerves.

Pop-Rocks (Boji’s Pyrite Balls)

(SP) energy flow; (S) intensive emotions and moods; (M) helps recognize inhibiting patterns; (B) good for preventive health care; painlessly dissipates mild blockages and makes conscious of more severe ones, promotes cleansing and excretion.


SP) activity; (S) makes buoyant and cheerful, enhances sexuality and eroticism; (M) makes dynamic, active and makes things work faster; (B) boosts circulation,  increases blood pressure and helps with abdominal pains and migraine.


(SP) wound healing; (S) helps forgiveness; (M) promotes mutual understanding; (B) best stone for injuries, bleeding wounds and insect bites; strengthens muscles, heart and circulation; helps with autoimmune diseases and stomach ulcers.

Rock Crystal (Accumulation Quartz Crystal)

(SP) inner composure; (S) has a fortifying effect, helps concentrate energy and manage one’s energy;  (M) promotes calm, level-headed attention; (B) helps eliminate excess energy and reduce fever;  clear the atmosphere in a room.

Rock Crystal (Double or Bi Termination)

(SP) unifies; (S) improves contact with other beings, enhances memory and dream recall; (M) promotes understanding, telepathy and helps express one clearly; (B) improves simultaneous flow of energy in two direction and releases blockages. 

(SP) search for truth; (S) dissipates guilt; helps stand by oneself; (M) increases consciousness, idealism and the striving and the striving for truth; (B) enhances assimilation of fluids; helps with hoarseness, loss of voice, fever, excess weight and high blood pressure.
Rose Quartz

(SP) sensitivity; (S) increases empathy; helps with sexual difficulties; (M) clearly illuminates personal needs and the desire of others; (B) harmonizes heart beat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility.

Sunstone (Hematite Feldspar)

(SP) optimism; (S) life-affirming, dissipates fear, anxiety and depression; (M) turns attention to personal strengths and the sunny side of life; (B) harmonizes the vegetative nervous system and the interplay of the organs.

Tiger's Eye

(SP) gives overview, reserve; (S) helps with stress, strain and assailing external currents; (M) sharpens the senses and helps maintain overview when things are happening fast; (B) regulates the adrenal glands, relieves asthma attacks.


(SP) cheers up; (S) helps with chronic tiredness, eases inner restlessness; (M) makes objective and rational, helps express oneself clearly; (B) gives energy, alleviates hyper-acidity, helps with hearth burn, gastritis, stomach ulcer, rheumatism and gout.

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