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Metaphysical and healing lore?

Metaphysical and healing lore is for inspiration, folklore, reference, and entertainment purposes only. I would be devastated if someone got hurt or was ill because they read the lore on this site and decided to give up healthcare because of it. See your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner about all injuries, illness or other health related issues! Mystical lore on crystal healing and spiritual healing is not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information; they are alternative and complementary and are not scientifically substantiated. By using this site and associated materials, and accessing this metaphysical and healing lore information, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this lore.



SP - Spirit or Spiritual aspect 

S - Soul or Subconscious

M - Mind or Mental aspects

B - Body or Physical aspects 

Abalone (Paua Shell and Mother-of-Pearl)

(SP) cheerfulness, security, protection; (S) helps overcome despondency, insecurity and disappointment; (M) ensures careful dealing with oneself and others; (B) ameliorates irritation and inflammation of skin, mucous membrane and sensory organs.


(SP) sincerity, virtue; (S) promotes self-respect, helpful with relationship problems, separation or grief; (M) focusing on major goals; (B) good for backaches and pains, for nerves, muscles, bones and hormonal glands. 

Agate (Fire Agate)

(SP) initiative, commitment; (S) cheerfulness, contentment; (M) vigour, positive thinking, understanding experiences; (B) for excretion, problems of the intestine, especially flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, (chronic) inflammation.

Amazonite (feldspar)

(SP) self-determination; (S) emotional balance; (M) harmonious interaction of intellect and intuition; (B) regulates metabolic disorders (liver); harmonizes the brain, vegetative nervous system , internal organs, facilitates childbirth.


(SP) makes carefree; (S) for cheerfulness and trust; (M) strengthens belief in oneself; (B) good for the stomach, spleen, gallbladder, liver, joints, skin, mucous membranes, glands and intestine, aids teething in children, helps with allergies, rheumatism and diabetes.

Amethyst - dark purple

SP) uprightness, impartiality; (S) willpower, helps overcome pain, grief and losses; (M) improves concentration, helps ward off external influences; (B) alleviates pain, bruises and swellings; good for diarrhea.

Ammonite – Fossilized Shell

(SP) harmony, dignity, splendor;  (S) for sense of beauty, seductive charm, charisma; (M) awakens interest in mysteries, releases mental obsessions; (B) normalizes cell metabolism, energy output , heartbeat and fortifies the heart. 

Carnelian - orange

(SP) courage, willpower (S) gives vigour, courage, stability and good moods; (M) promotes idealism, sense of community and pragmatism; (B) improves quality of the blood; stimulates the small intestine, metabolism, circulation, blood flow. 


(SP) detoxification; (S) promotes trust and sense of safety; helps with heartache, jealousy and nightmares; (M) helps solve relationship problems; (B) purifies, detoxifies, and helps with allergies, epilepsy, skin diseases, fungal infections and rheumatism.

Energy Stones  like BOJI (Pop-Rocks)

(SP) energy flow; (S) intensive emotions and moods; (M) helps recognize inhibiting patterns; (B) good for preventive health care; painlessly dissipates mild blockages and makes conscious of more severe ones, promotes cleansing and excretion.

Fluorite, multicolored (Rainbow Fluorite)

(SP) free thinking, flexibility; (S) brings variety and emotional liveliness; (M) aids freedom of choice and makes inventive; (B) good for the skin, mucous membranes, nerves, bones and teeth; alleviates dry cough, makes joints flexible.

Garnet Almandine

(SP) increases powers of resistance; (S) fortifies willpower and helps live one’s sexuality; (M) aids insight and helps achieve one’s ideas against great resistance; (B) makes active and stimulates circulation, blood building and metabolism.

Heliotrope (Bloodstone)

(SP) immune protection; (S) aids setting bounds; (M) helps main control; (B) fortifies the lymph and immune reaction; helps with problems of heart, blood vessels and bladder as well as with ‘flu, colds, infections, inflammation and pus formation.

Jadeite (Jade) 

(SP) balance; (S) maintains balance between work and rest; (M) aids childlike self-realization; (B) regulates the nerves, kidneys and adrenal glands (adrenaline production); maintains water, minerals and acid base balance.

Kimberlite (Kambaba or Kumbaba Jasper)

(SP) transformation; (S) eases painful process in life and gives new zeal; (M) helps give up resistance against change and unites irreconcilables; (B) promotes de-acidification and regulates the mineral balance in the body.


(SP) reflection, truth; (S) sharpens intuition, gives emotional depth and mediumistic abilities; (M) brings forgotten memories to light and helps recognize illusions; (B) reduces sensitivity to cold  and blood pressure and alleviates rheumatism and gout.


(SP) promotes adventurous intensive life; (S) deepens emotional life, helps with sexual difficulties; (M) promotes power of imagination and decision; (B) stimulates the brain, nerves and liver, detoxifies and helps with rheumatism, cramps and menstrual pains. 


(SP) freedom; (S) bring unlimited expanse, promotes dreams and memories; (M) removes attention from strong vices; promotes the recognition of one being of spiritual origin; (B) helps with diseases of the respiratory tract, ‘flu and anemia.

Moss Agate (Green)

(SP) liberation; (S) frees from heaviness, pressure and strain; (M) makes conscious, promotes communication and an alert mind; (B) cleanses the tissues, lymph, and respiratory tract; helps with cough, colds and stubborn infections, reduces fever.

Obsidian (Snowflake)

(SP) awakening; (S) dispels fear and emotional blockage; (M) motivates to spontaneously materialize ideas; (B) enhances blood flow even under extreme under-supply (“smoker’s leg”), warms up the hands and the feet, aids wound healing.

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