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Angelia Aria Divina Crystal Healer

our Distributor in New Zealand

Angelia Aria Divina - Angel Crystal Healing with Auralite-23 - Thew Master Healer of All Times

"Angel Crystal Healing" by

Angelia Aria Divina

Angelia is a gifted intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Certified 

Angel Intuitive (AI), and Certified Pranic & Crystal Healer. 

She is passionate about helping people on their spiritual 

journey and navigating to overcome the challenges 

that are present in their life.  

Angelia has always sensed different energies around 

people and have had psychic abilities but she closed these 

abilities down as she was growing up, as she needed to learn 

and grow in other areas of life. 

Angelia was an avid reader of the occult, angelic realms, 

ancient Egypt, Mayan civilization and 

Eastern cultures since her early 

20’s and around that time she started to work with pendulum, 

Tarot and Angel Oracle cards and this sparked further interest 

of Spirituality, especially Angels, 

Angelic realms and Crystals.

Angelia’s Mission

Her mission is to raise consciousness of holistic and spiritual 

solutions and perspectives on personal and planetary healing 

and well-being; of the non-physical realms of the angels and 

crystal kingdom who are assisting us in our spiritual awakening 

/remembering and in our efforts and desires to ascend from the 

challenging but exciting times that we are experiencing 

collectively and individually at this present point in history.

She intuitively knows that her purpose on this planet today is to 

provide her clients with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and 

enlightenment through their Angels to live a completely joyous, 

prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. 

She offers the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long 

conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve 

health, wealth, joy, and abundance.

Angelia’s Message

Change is the only constant in the universe, yet many of us fight 

change in our lives. We go to great lengths to keep our lives 

familiar, even if the familiar is painful. In order to bring 

ourselves into balance we need to take the steps to change often 

times the first step is to get clear on the guidance your higher 

spiritual self is sending you. You always have help and love. 

Each of us has angels and guides to help us on life’s path. We 

each have that little voice inside our hearts that guides us, often 

called intuition. Through your life, you most likely remember 

hearing that voice. Make sure that you are always listening and 

acting according that inner guidance.

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